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Brew with Chris White

Details are coming together for the upcoming “Brew With Chris White” event.  The date is Saturday, Jan 19th, yes, just a week from this coming Saturday.

So far, a total of 5 people with portable brewing systems have indicated that they would like to brew at White Labs during the event.  You know who you are, but I will be contacting you off-list to confirm that you are still interested.

Chris will be brewing on the White Labs system with the WL head brewer, Joe Kurowski.  Actually, I suspect Joe will be doing most of the work, and Chris will be doing what he does best, talking about yeast and fermentation.

The plan is for White Labs to brew an alt beer, a style not yet available in the tasting room.  So, there will be some ground-breaking style exploration going on. The QUAFF members can brew any style they like, so we’ll see what happens with that.

In addition, if there is a QUAFF member who would like to assist in brewing on the WL system, a brewers assistant position is available.  Or a couple of people could take shifts.

The brewing will start at 8 am, at least for Joe, with the QUAFF brewers starting anytime after 8.  The tasting room will open at noon, as usual, so there will be plenty of time to join in the festivities.  Kara said she can arrange for a food truck, or you can bring your own food, so no need to go hungry.

Anyway, hope to see a good turnout at WL on Saturday, Jan. 19th, to cheer on the QUAFF brewing team.


Stan Sisson

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President’s Message

Back in the day…

Hello Quaffers,

With another fall campout in the books and SDBW just around the corner we still have so many great events in the first of November that choosing one or two will be quite difficult and just when you think the year can’t possibly yield any more momentous events we come to the QUAFF holiday party. Which, as we start to plan, will conjure thoughts of holiday ales and food a plenty dancing in your heads so that, yet again we can talk about what a great event this is for the next year to come until it is time to celebrate this annual holiday revelry once again.

Thanks to Chuck West for giving us a refresher/instructional presentation on holiday ales in September and to Chris Banker for showing the ease and depth that can be achieved through cider and some of his specialty and experimental processes in cider making at our October meeting. Thanks to Stan for bringing his apple pie cider to show the diversity that can be achieved by combining processes of grain brewing and cider making. Thanks to everyone who brought beer, cider and meads.

Next meeting we will have the Fall Strong Ale Challenge results announced. Thanks to all involved for all of their hard work to put on this competition all the while creating a new program to be used in future competitions. I hope that it pays off for QUAFF down the road with our competitions in years to come.

That’s it for now. I hope to see everyone out and about during beer week and remember to stay safe while checking out the many goings on around town. Cheers!

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President’s Message

As we start to round out the year and enter the fall season we look towards QUAFF
Oktoberfest for our yearly celebration of all things beer, sharing beer, brewing beer for the
event, sharing homebrew as well as commercial beers from abroad and our local selections.
There will also be a raffle that will yield beer glasses, t-shirts, growler fills, beer ingredients, like I said, all things beer. And in the midst of this annual celebration, not to be forgotten, are our club members that made the many pounds of sausage for grilling at this annual revelry for all things fermented. Thanks to Mary Anne and Horace Bixby for hosting the sausage fest.

Read More

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Presidents Message

As things start to heat up in San Diego more and more beers will be needed to cool us down and wet our whistle. Lucky for us some of the new brewers coming on board are getting their product to the
bars and bottle shops around town to do just that. Societe has released their first draft offerings with the Apprentice IPA and the Harlot Belgian Strong, both quite enjoyable and very drinkable. Read More

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UPCOMING BREW! KnB/Monkey Paw Gose

This 1000­ year old beer style is named for the naturally saline water of the Gose river which flows through the town center of Goslar, Germany. The style became very popular in the nearby city of Leipzig and is similar to Berliner Weiss, but the addition of coriander and salt means it did not strictly conform to the “Reinheitsgebot” German Beer Purity Law of using only hops, barley, and water (yeast was not known to be an ingredient of beer before Louis Pasteur in the 1800s). Read More

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