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Presidents Message

As things start to heat up in San Diego more and more beers will be needed to cool us down and wet our whistle. Lucky for us some of the new brewers coming on board are getting their product to the
bars and bottle shops around town to do just that. Societe has released their first draft offerings with the Apprentice IPA and the Harlot Belgian Strong, both quite enjoyable and very drinkable. Read More

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UPCOMING BREW! KnB/Monkey Paw Gose

This 1000­ year old beer style is named for the naturally saline water of the Gose river which flows through the town center of Goslar, Germany. The style became very popular in the nearby city of Leipzig and is similar to Berliner Weiss, but the addition of coriander and salt means it did not strictly conform to the “Reinheitsgebot” German Beer Purity Law of using only hops, barley, and water (yeast was not known to be an ingredient of beer before Louis Pasteur in the 1800s). Read More

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History of Beer

History of American Beer
The following is a growing list of key milestones throughout the history of American beer.
Year Beer Milestone:
1587 Virginia colonists brew ale using corn.
1607 First shipment of beer arrives in the Virginia colony from England.
1609 American “Help Wanted” advertisements appear in London seeking brewers for the Virginia Colony.
1612 Adrian Block & Hans Christiansen establish the first known brewery in the New World on the southern tip of New Amsterdam (Manhattan).
1614 The first nonnative American is born in New Amsterdam, (perhaps the first nonnative American male born in the New World) in Block & Christiansen’s brew house. Jean Vigne grows up to become the first brewer born in the New World. Read More

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2012 Quaff Padres Tailgate – 14th Annual

Hello fellow Quaffers,
It’s that time of year again, when hope springs eternal and we can envision the Padres winning the National League West Pennant!!! That means it’s time once again to plan for one of Quaff’s fun events of the year – namely, the Quaff Padres Tailgate Party and Baseball Game. We’ll start selling tickets to our 2012 Quaff Padres Tailgate game (14th annual) at the April General Quaff meeting. The details for this year’s event are below. Read More

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