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EW’s Keezeracer Build

Hillbilly Brewing, EW Style

So you want a cool kegerator, on the cheap using a Craigslist Special.  However, once you buy your used chest freezer it’s just too ugly to grace your garage?  I had that very same problem.  It started off looking like this:

Ugly, beaten up chest freezer.

However, that’s simply not going to cut it.  So one night not having enough to do I remembered I just happened to have a few rattlecans of Candy Apple Red paint laying around.  Using a random oribtal sander, I scuffed up the exterior and got busy painting around 2am.  When all the best decisions are made.
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Build a corny kegwasher for $80

Do you have a lot of kegs?

Keg being cleaned on a 20min PBW wash cycle.

Do you hate spending hours washing them by hand? 

Then build a kegwasher and automate the dirty side of brewing.  I personally was sick of letting dirty kegs stack up and then spending a day washing them by hand.  My back hurt and I hated brewing (at that moment).  By chance I managed to hit the QUAFF monthly meeting about “Brewing Gadgets”.  Joe Klink brought in his kegwasher and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to build one.  For $80 I was able to purchase what I needed at Home Depot (I already had spare gas/liquid QD’s laying around) and within an hour the washer was functional.
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President’s Message

As we start to round out the year and enter the fall season we look towards QUAFF
Oktoberfest for our yearly celebration of all things beer, sharing beer, brewing beer for the
event, sharing homebrew as well as commercial beers from abroad and our local selections.
There will also be a raffle that will yield beer glasses, t-shirts, growler fills, beer ingredients, like I said, all things beer. And in the midst of this annual celebration, not to be forgotten, are our club members that made the many pounds of sausage for grilling at this annual revelry for all things fermented. Thanks to Mary Anne and Horace Bixby for hosting the sausage fest.

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Barrel Project: American Farmhouse Chardonnay Saison

I finally got to brew some funky beer in a barrel. This has been a goal of mine for quite some time. In my limited experience tasting sour beers, the beers that come from barrels seem to have a better complexity and blending of flavours. (And they also have much higher chances of failing.) The other reason I’ve been excited to brew in a barrel is because of the idea of collaborative brewing in a group.

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QUAFF Strong Ale Challenge

Registration is now open for the QUAFF Strong Ale Challenge!

The QUAFF Strong Ale Challenge is open to all classic styles with OG > 1.080,
specialty categories with OG > 1.080, and all mead categories.

This is a BJCP sanctioned competition with an entry fee of $7 per entry.

You can register your entries, or register to judge or steward at:

Registration will be open from 9/16 – 11/1.
Entries can be shipped or dropped off between 10/17 – 11/1 at The Lost Abbey
in San Marcos.

Judging will take place on 11/17/12 at The Lost Abbey.

Winners will be announced at the November QUAFF meeting where judging
score sheets providing feedback will be returned. Ribbons will be awarded to the
1st, 2nd, and 3d place entries in each category. There will be a grand prize for the
Best of Show.

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