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As things start to heat up in San Diego more and more beers will be needed to cool us down and wet our whistle. Lucky for us some of the new brewers coming on board are getting their product to the
bars and bottle shops around town to do just that. Societe has released their first draft offerings with the Apprentice IPA and the Harlot Belgian Strong, both quite enjoyable and very drinkable.
Monkey Paw released cans to our small better bottle shops, like Bine and Vine and Best Damn Bottle Shop, so keep your eyes peeled for these limited releases. Last month we had Wes McCaan present extract brewing and cover the main points of extract brewing. He also brought some home brewed examples using different extracts and processes to aid in his presentation Thanks again! Along with Wes’s extract homebrews we had a great showing of home brews from the rest of the club. Thanks to Larry Mulherin for bringing an extract Stout, Don Rutherford with two extract brews, Nut Brown and the Coconut Nut Brown. There were also some great all­grain beers from Brian Trout and his Blitz Kolsch, Patrick Colchin with a Belgian Blond, Jonathan Asche and a Scottish 60, Paul Sangster’s Scottish 80 and not to be forgotten, Bix Bixby with two offerings, Chocolate Kona Coconut Porter and a Cherry Melomel. Thanks again to everyone and remember for every home brewed beverage you bring you will be entered in the evening’s raffle for a bottle of commercially available beer. During the hottest part of the day on Sunday May 20th, I saw many QUAFF’ers volunteering and helping out at the North Park Craft Beer Block keeping the beers flowing for the many folks who make for a great overall selection of beers. It’s great once again to see QUAFF so involved and willing to help out at the local festivals adding another element of informed staff pouring and educating the public about our thriving local beer and homebrew scene. This month’s topic will be presented by Chris Everett and will cover Porters. This topic coincides with the upcoming and first of the 2012/2013 Club­only contest which focuses on Porters. The topic is being presented early enough so that any of you brewing for the club­only competitions will have plenty of time to utilize the information being given and use it to make the best Porter to help represent QUAFF.

That’s it for now and I will see all of you attending the May 22nd QUAFF meeting at Randy Jones All­American Grill. Cheers!

Bill Batten

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