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Hello Quaffers,

With another fall campout in the books and SDBW just around the corner we still have so many great events in the first of November that choosing one or two will be quite difficult and just when you think the year can’t possibly yield any more momentous events we come to the QUAFF holiday party. Which, as we start to plan, will conjure thoughts of holiday ales and food a plenty dancing in your heads so that, yet again we can talk about what a great event this is for the next year to come until it is time to celebrate this annual holiday revelry once again.

Thanks to Chuck West for giving us a refresher/instructional presentation on holiday ales in September and to Chris Banker for showing the ease and depth that can be achieved through cider and some of his specialty and experimental processes in cider making at our October meeting. Thanks to Stan for bringing his apple pie cider to show the diversity that can be achieved by combining processes of grain brewing and cider making. Thanks to everyone who brought beer, cider and meads.

Next meeting we will have the Fall Strong Ale Challenge results announced. Thanks to all involved for all of their hard work to put on this competition all the while creating a new program to be used in future competitions. I hope that it pays off for QUAFF down the road with our competitions in years to come.

That’s it for now. I hope to see everyone out and about during beer week and remember to stay safe while checking out the many goings on around town. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Bill!
    I’m having a short story published in an anthology called “A Six Pack of Stories,” and the story features (100% fictional) QUAFF members as a major part of the San Diego beer scene. I’d love to get QUAFF’s blessing to feature the club. I’m happy to provide additional details on how the club is portrayed (there’s a character who’s a brewing newbie and commits a few faux pas, although he’s kept in check by more experienced folks). The publisher’s asked for my final draft on Monday, so if you have any questions or need additional information, please e-mail me at I’d be thrilled to have QUAFF be part of the story, so if it’s OK, please let me know.

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