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President’s Message – June 2013

In recent events over the last month we had the brewers swap meet at Societe Brewing Company where you could find a 10 gallon corny keg, vintage thermometers, co2 regulators, just about everything for someone looking to add to their brewery. On the same day there was a multi-homebrew club cider tasting at White Labs where multiple brewers using the same base apple juice fermented with various yeast strains supplied by White Labs. This experiment showcased the complexities and versatility of different strains and the different nuances that can be created through yeast selection.

At the May QUAFF general members meeting, Wes McCann’s presentation on European Lagers included a 100 % Vienna malt lager, showcasing the fantastic malt character of vienna malt while talking about the historic significance of European Amber Lagers. Thanks for taking the time to present this beer style Wes. We also got to try Andrew Provost’s Tap H2O VS. RO H20 Irish Red, and Paul Sangster’s Scottish 80. Thanks again for sharing.

The June general members meeting will feature QUAFF’s own Alex Van Horne and Intergalactic Brewing Company, one of San Diego’s newest nano brewery. I got a chance recently to visit his tasting room and found some of his beers to be out of this world, in a good way!

Upcoming events will be NHC in Philly, hopefully all of QUAFFs hard work will pay off in the second round of competition bringing back the title of Homebrew Club of the Year to QUAFF, fingers crossed. Good luck to all the brewers who advanced their brews.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll see you at the general members meeting on June 25th, make sure to get there early for the Summer YuleSmith pin cask as it will go quick. Cheers!

President’s Message

Summer is nearly here and that means there are a lot of events coming up. The SD County Fair, Brewer’s Swap meet, NHC, QuAFF/ Padres tailgate and all the other countless events that will fill up our summertime fun time.

Last month we had Rob Keller and his short talk “Beer throughout History”. We also had The DD Van in attendance giving us yet another option to safely get around town to sample all of the new and existing breweries in a safe manner. Homebrews were brought by Wes McCaan, Eric Durose, Adrian Avgerinos, Brian Trout, and Ross Wilderman. Thanks again for sharing your tasty creations.

Thanks to everybody in the club for helping out at the San Diego History Center’s Bottled and Kegged exhibit. I also saw a lot of QuAFF’ers at the North Park Craft Beer Block volunteering and giving up their Saturday to promote great beer to the attendees at this neighborhood event. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

This month our meeting topic will be European lagers presented by Wes McCaan.

That’s it for now and look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting or at any of the great events nearing on the calendar.

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President’s Message

Spring is here and the hop rhizomes are starting to show signs of life with green leafs poking through the soil and seeking out the sunshine. The beers are flowing as we venture out to the outdoor patios and festivals of our friends and local businesses enjoying the fruits of the brewers, both at the amauteur and professional level.

Congratulations to winners of AFC. Thanks to Dominic and Eric for presenting the awards to the membership at last month’s general members meeting. A big thanks to everyone that brought beers. There was a great turnout this month on both beers available and people in attendance. How awesome was it that Chris Banker won the AFC BOS and had the winning Double IPA there to celebrate his award with? Epic….

This month we have Paul Sangster from Rip Current Brewing Company telling us about his brewery and delving into some of the processes adopted at the San Marcos brewery and offering his brews for QUAFF to try and enjoy.

Good luck to all that braved the online torture that was signing up for NHC 1st round recently, thanks for your patience to help QUAFF in its attempt at regaining the crown of Homebrew club of the year.

That’s it for now, hope to see you all soon at one of the many local beer spots enjoying your favorite fermented beverage. Cheers!

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President’s Message

Well, another month has flown by and as our days start to get longer we enter our competition
season with AFC this month and 1st round Nationals shortly following getting the club warmed
up for the National Homebrew Conference. Make sure to check with the QUAFF completion
committee if you would like to help the club in the running for National Homebrew Club of the

Our last meeting featured brew systems and gadgets. Thanks to John McKay for bringing in his
brewing system to show off to the club as well as Bob McKay for bringing in his gadgets that
assist in his keg cleaning. Also, thanks to Stan Sisson for bringing in his “party” cider, a great
little experiment where he collected all the dregs from the Belgian-style ales from the QUAFF
holiday party and then fermenting the cider with the mixture of dregs. Stan has done this a
couple of times now and both times has successfully created a tasty cider that is not only quite
enjoyable but also has a great story to go along with it. Thanks to Matt Slote for bringing in a
vintage barleywine to share with the club as well.

Our next general meeting will be the AFC awards. Make sure to bring in your homebrew to
share with us. The meeting will be on February 26th and we will have cask of AleSmith IPA for
your awards watching pleasure. Hope to see all of my QUAFF family there. Cheers!

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President’s Message

back in the day…

Happy New Year to all of you.

I hope this year has been treating you well thus far.  Everyone sticking to their new years resolutions?  Make more beer and learn more about the beers you are making?  I hope so.  We have a great resource in QUAFF with a lot of great study groups, brew parties, bjcp events, competitions and in general people sharing their knowledge to further our hobby and the love of beer. So make sure you get involved and enjoy the fruits of QUAFF this year.

We ended last year with some great events.  In the beginning of December on Saturday the 8th we had our annual Holiday party in Marina Village and yet again everything exceeded expectations.  From the decorations and fantastic table arrangements to the beer and amazing array of food choices. Thanks to all of you for your contribution to a great celebration.

On December 15 Societe Brewing Company was nice enough to host a brewer’s swap meet where homebrewers across San Diego county met to trade, sale, or buy brewing equipment.  What a great way to get rid of old/unwanted equipment and acquire something you may have needed for your brewhouse.

Thanks to Jenny and Eric for presenting the awards for the Fall Strong Ale Challenge at November’s meeting. A big thanks to Travis Hammond for his Quaff Competition Committee update as well.

This month’s general meeting topic on January 22nd will be brew systems and gadgets. John McKay will be bringing his system in and telling us about his latest upgrades.  If you have a gadget you think the group would be interested in please bring it in to show the club and explain it’s use.

That’s all for now.  Hope to see you at the next meeting. Cheers!

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