Homebrewer of the Year

QUAFF Homebrewer of the Year

The title of QUAFF Homebrewer of the Year is awarded annually to the club member who accumulates the most total points in QUAFF Club Only Competitions.  Each entry into a Club Only Competition earns 1 point for each participating brewer.  Additional points are awarded to each participating brewer as follows:

    • 1st place: 6 points
    • 2nd place: 4 points
    • 3rd place: 2 points

The QUAFF HomeBrewer of the Year is presented with a commemorative mash paddle at the QUAFF Holiday Party.

Standings through the _____ COC (___, 2022):

Brewer(s) Point(s)
Coming Soon!

QUAFF Rising Star Award

First awarded for 2020, the QUAFF Rising Star Award recognizes excellence among those new to homebrew competitions. The Rising Star Award will be presented to the club member with the highest cumulative point total across all of the year's Club Only Competitions, with points awarded to each eligible brewer for each entry as follows:

    • 40+ point score: 4 points
    • 35-39 point score: 3 points each
    • 30-34 point score: 2 points each
    • < 30 point score: 1 point each

Also known as the winner of the "Kräusen League," this award is open to any club member who, as of the time of the member's first entry in that year's Club Only Competition, has brewed 10 or fewer total batches of beer or who has entered 5 or fewer homebrew competitions.

Standings through the _____ COC (___, 2022):

Brewer(s) Point(s)
Coming Soon!

Past QUAFF Homebrewers of the Year

    • 2021: Doug Brown
    • 2020: Robert Bridenbecker
    • 2019: Ryan Fowler
    • 2018: Oleg Shpyrko & Matt Barrett
    • 2017: Patrick Martinez & Paul Bischeri
    • 2016: Brian Trout
    • 2015: Jeff Wiederkehr
    • 2014: Brian Trout
    • 2013: Travis Hammond
    • 2011-12: Brian Trout
    • 2010-11: Travis Hammond
    • 2009-10: Rick Stangel & Dan O'Brien

Past QUAFF Rising Stars

    • 2021: Jeff Case
    • 2020: Jim Connor


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