Homebrewer of the Year

QUAFF HomeBrewer of the Year (HBotY)
Each entry into a Club Only Competition earns the brewer a point, additionally, first place earns six points, second place earns four points and third earns two points. In head-to-head competitions (two competitions in one with a BOS), the BOS winner receives an additional six points. The brewer with the most points after the six (or so) competitions will earn the coveted title of QUAFF HomeBrewer of the Year.

Each entry (up to 3): +1
First Place: +6
Second Place: +4
Third Place: +2
Best of Show (BOS): +6

The QUAFF HomeBrewer of the Year is awarded annually at the QUAFF Holiday Party.

Quest for HBOTY 2018

  Total Points
Oleg Shpyrko and Matt Barrett 30
Tricia and Jamie Gallant 19
Geoff Young 12
Doug Brown 11
Scott Rauvola 9
Lawrence Lagud 9
Brian Trout 9
Harold Williams 7
Ryan Fowler 5
Chris Blair 3
Sang Lee 2
Louis Ilyevski 2
James Feruson 2
Yvonne Cooper 1
Westley Eitet 1
Travis Hammond 1
Max Mahler and Harold (Roldy) Williams 1
Lucas Orr 1
Kevin Holt 1
Jim Kilgore 1
Frank Reed 1
Eli Palma 1
Doug Brown w Dom Fountain 1
Brent Krohn 1
Steven Maynard Chastain 1

Past QUAFF HomeBrewers of the Year
2017 – Patrick Martinez & Paul Bischeri
2016 – Brian Trout
2015 – Jeff Wiederkehr
2014 – Brian Trout
2013 – Travis Hammond

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