Club Competitions

Club Only Competitions

To foster competition and provide club members with anonymous judging feedback, QUAFF each year holds a series of Club Only Competitions ("COC").  QUAFF COC's are free to enter, but are only open to dues-paid club members.

The first, second, and third place winners of the COC's are recognized at our monthly general QUAFF meetings, and all entrants earn points in the race for the coveted title of QUAFF Homebrewer of the Year. Here is the 2022 Club Only Competition lineup:

Competition Theme Entry Deadline Eligible BJCP Style(s)
Vote Red, White, or Blue Family Styles Friday, Feb. 11 Categories 2B, 3C, 6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 7C2, 15A, 19A, 19B, 21B4, 23B, 24C, 26B, 27B
Old & New: British & Pacific Isles Friday, March 11 Categories 11-17, 27D, 35X5 (all entries must be a QUAFF mentorship program collaboration)
Admiral Maltings Rye Collab Friday, May 13 Categories 21B5, 25B, 27H, 27I, 31A (all entries must be a 3+ person team collaboration)
Quick, Kveik, or SMaSH Friday, July 15 any quick sour (e.g., Categories 23A, 27C, 35X4), any beer brewed with kveik, or any beer brewed using a single malt variety and single hop variety (SMaSH)
Alesmith Classic Clones Friday, Sept. 16 clones of Alesmith ESB (11C), Nautical Nut Brown (13B), Wee Heavy (17C), .394 Pale Ale (18B), Alesmith IPA (21A), Old Numbskull (22C), Horny Devil (25C), Speedway Stout (30A) (all entries must be a collaboration)
Smoke, Spice, and/or Wood Friday, Nov. 25 Categories 6B, 27C, 27E, 28C, 29B, 30, 32, 33, M2B, M3, M4, C2A, C2E, C2F

2022 Results

    • Red Family Styles
      • 1st Place: Pat Leon - "Raggle Taggle Red Ale" (Irish Red Ale)
      • 2nd Place: Robert Bridenbecker - "Renard Rouge" (Bière de Garde)
      • 3rd Place: Jim Connor - "Derby Day Debauchery" (Kentucky Common)
    • Old & New: British & Pacific Isles
      • 1st Place: John Stumph & Bob MacKay - "Bob's Bad Boy Brown" (Strong Bitter)
      • 2nd Place: Dan Stoneman & Doug Brown - "Quaker Stout" (Oatmeal Stout)
      • 3rd Place: Jacob Gottlieb, Jim Connor & David Lord - "Otterly Ridiculous" (English Porter)
    • Admiral Maltings Rye Collab
      • 1st Place: Pat Leon & Thu Ha Le - "Schmooze Juice" (Roggenbier)
      • 2nd Place: Mike Page - "Duke of Bavaria" (Roggenbier)
      • 3rd Place: Oleg Shpyrko & Matt Smiley - "Sais-Rye-Son" (Saison)
    • Quick, Kveik, or SMaSH
      • 1st Place: Jeff Case - "Pucker Up Guava Cup" (Catharina Sour)
      • 2nd Place: Jim Connor - "Kveik SMaSH" (German Pilsner)
      • 3rd Place: Pat Leon - "Pat's Blå Ribbon" (Czech Premium Pale Lager)
    • Alesmith Classic Clones
    • Smoke, Spice, and/or Wood

2021 Results

    • Session Beers
      • 1st Place: Ryan Fowler - "Cobra Kiwi" (American Pale Ale)
      • 2nd Place: Rich Webber - "Kiss My Shilling" (Scottish Light)
      • 3rd Place: Robert Bridenbecker - "Schwarzchism" (Schwarzbier)
      • Honorable Mention: Robert Bridenbecker - "Parabola Porter" (Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer)
    • New Hop Varieties
      • 1st Place: Ronson Stermer - "Star Light" (American Light Lager, BRU-1)
      • 2nd Place: Ryan Fowler - "The Ol' College Try" (India Pale Lager, BRU-1)
      • 3rd Place: Doug Brown - "Keep Pounding Porter" (American Porter, HBC 472)
    • New [Non-IPA] Styles
      • 1st Place: Chris van Hamersveld - "Duck Fight" (Festbier)
      • 2nd Place: Jeff Case - "Darth Vader Was a Leprechaun" (Irish Extra Stout)
      • 3rd Place: Roy Leyrer - "Kissing Cousins" (Kentucky Common)
    • Belgian Ales
      • 1st Place: Brian Trout & Doug Brown - "Gueuze 2017" (Gueuze)
      • 2nd Place: Doug Brown - "Mordecai's Flight" (Belgian Blond Ale)
      • 3rd Place: John Bell - [No Name Submitted] (Belgian Dubbel)
    • Fruit and Honey
      • 1st Place: Doug Brown - "Spiced Outrage Truffles" (Cider with Herbs/Spices)
      • 2nd Place: Doug Brown - "Outrage Truffles" (New World Cider)
      • 3rd Place: Ryan Fowler - "Passionfruit Cider" (Cider with Other Fruit)
    • Strong Beers
      • 1st Place: Eli Palma - "Night Harvest" (Imperial Stout)
      • 2nd Place: John Bell - "Penguin Juice" (Eisbock)
      • 3rd Place: Jeff Case - "First Sign of Werewolves" (Imperial Stout)

2020 Results

    • British Beers
      • 1st Place: Travis Hammond, John Scheffler & Andy Zimmerman - English Porter (13C)
      • 2nd Place: Patrick Leon - Irish Red Ale (15A)
      • 3rd Place: Patrick Leon - Ordinary Bitter (11A)
    • "C-Hops"
      • 1st Place: Jim Connor - Best Bitter (11C)
      • 2nd Place: Cyrus S. Baluyot - American IPA (21A)
      • 3rd Place: Doug Brown - American Amber Ale (19A)
    • Lagers
      • 1st Place: Bryce Hunter - Czech Premium Pale Lager (3B)
      • 2nd Place: Doug Brown - Schwarzbier (8B)
      • 3rd Place: Jim Connor - Pale Kellerbier (7C)
    • Kveik Yeast
      • 1st Place: Rob Bridenbecker - British Golden Ale (12A)
      • 2nd Place: Kevin Lees - Saison (25A)
      • 3rd Place: Oleg Shpyrko - Catharina Sour (X4)
    • Farmhouse Beer
      • 1st Place: Scott Rauvola - Saison (25A) [pale, super strength]
      • 2nd Place: Rob Bridenbecker - Saison (25A) [pale, standard strength]
      • 3rd Place: Kevin Lees - Saison (25A) [pale, standard strength]
    • Vintage Beer
      • 1st Place: Scott Rauvola - Old Ale (17B)
      • 2nd Place: Hayden Charter - Imperial Stout (20C)
      • 3rd Place: Patrick Leon - British Strong Ale (17A)

How to Enter

    • Register your entry or entries using the Google form for the competition.  The link to this form will be circulated via email to the QUAFF email list.
    • Print and fill out an entry label for each entry, and attach a completed label to each of your bottles (preferably with a rubber band).
    • Drop off your bottles, no later than the deadline, at The Sundt building in Mission Valley, 1660 Hotel Circle North, Suite 304. Drop-off times are 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Enter Suit 304 and proceed back to the left, where the breakroom is, and please leave entries in the refrigerator.

Rules and Procedures

    • Club Only Competitions are only open to current, dues-paid QUAFF members.
    • Each club member is allowed up to 3 total entries (including co-brewed entries) per competition.
    • No club member may enter more than 1 entry (including co-brewed entries) in the same style (i.e., within the same sub-category) in the same competition. For the Farmhouse Beer competition, club members may enter up to 3 entries as long as they are distinct in strength/color from one another.
    • To ensure that a fresh sample is available for Best of Show judging, two (2) bottles are required per entry.
    • Entries must not be brewed on a professional system.
    • All entries must be registered for the competition and dropped off by the entry deadlines listed above.
    • Failure to comply with these rules and procedures may result in disqualification from the competition.
    • Each entry will receive back at least two completed scoresheets via email. Short-form scoresheets may be used to expedite judging.
    • Results will generally be announced at the next monthly QUAFF general meeting following the entry deadline, after which results will be sent to the QUAFF email list.


James Ferguson, Dan Stoneman, and Pat Walls are the Club Only Competition Coordinators for 2021 and 2022. Please direct any questions, comments, and concerns to

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