2013 Quaff Padres Tailgate – 15th Annual

Hello fellow Quaffers!
It’s that time of year again, when hope springs eternal and we can envision the Padres winning the National League West Pennant!!! That means it’s time once again to plan for one of Quaff’s fun events of the year – namely, the Quaff Padres Tailgate Party and Baseball Game. We’ll start selling tickets to our 2013 Quaff Padres Tailgate game (15th annual) at the May General Quaff meeting (5/28). While the ticket price for our group tickets is slightly higher this year at $29.50, the regular price went up by even more making this an even better deal than last year! Some come down and hang out at the Qualcomm parking lot (free parking) for some great beer & food before we take the trolley to go watch the Padres beat up on the San Francisco Giants (again!). The details for this year’s event are below.

The Game
Date: Saturday, July 13, 2012
Time: 7:10 p.m.
Opponent: San Francisco Giants
Seats: 50 Field Level Reserved Tickets ­ Left Field (We switched sides so as not to be looking into the setting sun)
Section 122, Rows 16, 17 & 18
Price: $29.50 each; face value is $45.50

The Tailgate:
Location: Qualcomm Stadium, Section J2 – usual spot
Tailgate times: 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Trolley to Petco Park: ~ $5.00 round trip
Travel time by trolley each way: 30 to 45 minutes

The Food:
Quaff will be providing bratwurst, hot dogs, chips and condiments. Members should bring their favorite potluck salad, side dish or dessert to share.

The Beer:
Members please bring some homebrew and/or some other special craft or microbrew bottled beer to share as well.

Game Pool: We’ll again have a pool with cash awards for the correct scores after the 3rd & 6th innings, plus final score. We’ve purchased 40 tickets again this year. As always, first come, first served, but no reservations! So bring cash or check (made out to Quaff Treasurer Chuck West) and catch me before or after the Quaff meeting.

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Big Brew Day 2013 at White Labs

Hi all! Time to start thinking about this year’s AHA Big Brew Day. Here is something you might consider participating in. Yes I realize Big Brew Day conflicts with SCHBF, but not everyone is going to Ojai.

Maximum of 10 brewers can participate in brewing demonstration in the White Labs parking lot. Everyone welcome to come by and observe. Tasting Room opens at noon. Likely there will be a food truck also. We can possibly make it a snack potluck deal as well.

Here are general guidelines for brewers:

Must be self contained. WL can provide water for chilling. Possible that power will be available for pumps, but gravity systems are preferred. Extract brews are OK.

May 4th date is same date as SCHBF in Ojai. You can’t be two places at once. Can probably get started around 8 am, should plan to finish no later than 4 pm.

WL will provide yeast for up to 10 brewers, need to know what yeast is needed. WL brew system should be brewing this day, possible that assistant brewers can help out on the WL system, or maybe even brew on their system.

Would be good if participants can bring their beer to a future club meeting to share, probably the July meeting to ensure all beers have plenty of time to finish.

WL will publicize this event on their FB/Twitter accounts, so a good turnout would be nice. Be sure to wear your club shirt. Should be able to share homebrew in the tasting room.

Plan to share your brewing process with curious potential-future-brewers. A printout of your recipe would be nice.

All alcohol consumption MUST occur inside the tasting room. No alcohol consumption in the parking lot.

If you are interested in brewing during this event, please e-mail me directly at and I will start a list. If you just want to go check it out, no need to contact anybody, just put it on you calendar and show up.

More details as we get closer. I will try to post more reminders close to the event date this time.


Stan Sisson

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2013 Brew With Chris White Event

Joe with White Labs

Joe talking about his alt bier

The “Brew With Chris White” event at the WL facility on Saturday, Jan. 19th went well.
We had 4 brewers involved, plus the WL head brewer, so 5 beers being brewed

Many thanks to the WL crew for allowing us to brew with them, they were very
accomodating. It was nice being able to chat with Chris White in a relaxed
setting, he is a very down to earth guy.

The brewing started on time at 8 am, and WL was nice enough to open the
tasting room shortly after for us to share donuts and homebrew. A food truck
serving Mexican food showed up around noon and stayed till nearly 4 pm, so
food was readily available.

Tasting Room Time

Tasting Room Time!

When the tasting room got ready to open to the public, we moved all homebrew
to the back of the room. Due to WL’s license restrictions, all alcohol consumption
must occur inside the tasting room.

Chris White seemed happy to have us there, and mentioned that it would be
good to have us brew there in the future, so stay tuned for events at WL
down the road.

Thanks to all who attended for making it a fun day. It would be good if all
the beers brewed during the event could be brought to the Feb or Mar meeting
for sharing.

Mash Time

Mash Time!

Strike Temperature Please!

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Brew with Chris White

Details are coming together for the upcoming “Brew With Chris White” event.  The date is Saturday, Jan 19th, yes, just a week from this coming Saturday.

So far, a total of 5 people with portable brewing systems have indicated that they would like to brew at White Labs during the event.  You know who you are, but I will be contacting you off-list to confirm that you are still interested.

Chris will be brewing on the White Labs system with the WL head brewer, Joe Kurowski.  Actually, I suspect Joe will be doing most of the work, and Chris will be doing what he does best, talking about yeast and fermentation.

The plan is for White Labs to brew an alt beer, a style not yet available in the tasting room.  So, there will be some ground-breaking style exploration going on. The QUAFF members can brew any style they like, so we’ll see what happens with that.

In addition, if there is a QUAFF member who would like to assist in brewing on the WL system, a brewers assistant position is available.  Or a couple of people could take shifts.

The brewing will start at 8 am, at least for Joe, with the QUAFF brewers starting anytime after 8.  The tasting room will open at noon, as usual, so there will be plenty of time to join in the festivities.  Kara said she can arrange for a food truck, or you can bring your own food, so no need to go hungry.

Anyway, hope to see a good turnout at WL on Saturday, Jan. 19th, to cheer on the QUAFF brewing team.


Stan Sisson

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QUAFF Holiday Party

What: QUAFF Holiday Party!

When:December 8, 2012

Where: Marina Village1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, 6PM – Captain’s Room.

Full Flier


What to bring:

1. If your last name falls between A and L, please bring a salad or side dish.
2. If your last name falls between M and P, please bring a dessert.
3. If your last name falls between Q and Z, please bring an appetizer, such as crackers & cheese, chips & salsa, or chips & dip.

We are again going to set up the QUAFF bar.  We need you to bring your homebrewed beer!  Hopefully, most of you have already brewed a beer for the party.  We plan to serve beer on all 20 taps, so WE NEED YOUR KEGS.  Please let Mike Sangiorgi know of-list at what you plan to bring.  He will be compiling a list of all the beers we expect to be pouring.

If you don’t keg your beer, it’s no problem.  Just bring your bottled homebrew to share at the party.  Growlers are also welcome.  For those of you who don’t have any home brewed beer, a couple of large bottles (22 oz. or 750 ml.) of specialty beer would be appropriate.  Please keep in mind that QUAFF is not supplying beer.  We are expecting our members to supply the beer (or mead and cider).  We need everyone to participate!

The event will be a potluck dinner with the club supplying the meat.  In addition, the club will provide wine, soda, plates and utensils.  Members are asked to bring their own special side dishes, or appetizers, salads and desserts, along with proper serving utensils.  Please contact Bix if you have something you’d like to cook up.  QUAFF is reimbursing for the cost of meat (only) for this event.

Also bring a fun and festive mood and enjoy the good times and better beer!


-note, most of this was ripped from Chuck’s email-


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