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2013 Brew With Chris White Event

Joe with White Labs

Joe talking about his alt bier

The “Brew With Chris White” event at the WL facility on Saturday, Jan. 19th went well.
We had 4 brewers involved, plus the WL head brewer, so 5 beers being brewed

Many thanks to the WL crew for allowing us to brew with them, they were very
accomodating. It was nice being able to chat with Chris White in a relaxed
setting, he is a very down to earth guy.

The brewing started on time at 8 am, and WL was nice enough to open the
tasting room shortly after for us to share donuts and homebrew. A food truck
serving Mexican food showed up around noon and stayed till nearly 4 pm, so
food was readily available.

Tasting Room Time

Tasting Room Time!

When the tasting room got ready to open to the public, we moved all homebrew
to the back of the room. Due to WL’s license restrictions, all alcohol consumption
must occur inside the tasting room.

Chris White seemed happy to have us there, and mentioned that it would be
good to have us brew there in the future, so stay tuned for events at WL
down the road.

Thanks to all who attended for making it a fun day. It would be good if all
the beers brewed during the event could be brought to the Feb or Mar meeting
for sharing.

Mash Time

Mash Time!

Strike Temperature Please!

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Rip Current Brewing debut at O’Brien’s

Paul & Guy with Tom

Rip Current Night at O’Brien’s

Rip Current Brewing Line Up

Friday, January 4th, rang in the official debut of Rip Current beers at O’Brien’s, and many QUAFF’ers were in attendance to help Paul Sangster & Guy Shobe celebrate. Of course, they had already launched their beers the day before at Churchill’s in North County, but I for one was glad to see these beers this far down south.

While Red Flag seemed to be a big hit, the Milkstache Stout was also popular that night judging by all the ‘staches’. Of course the Paddling Out Pale and the Barrier Reef Brown also drew much praise from patrons, many of whom weren’t even aware of Rip Current Brewing before tonight.

My personal favourite was Red Flag, which had a nice, clean hop flavor, but not over-the-top like some big IPAs. But at 9.1% I was destined to try some of their other beers.  So, perhaps in the wrong order, I had Paddling Out Pale next and found it very fresh and hoppy enough for this hop-head’s taste. I’ll be having some more of that beer in the near future for sure. For the dessert portion of my liquid dinner I had their Milkstache Stout, which was roasty and slightly creamy with a nice coffee finish. This was an extremely easy-drinking stout and I could have easily drank another one or two. And while I didn’t get around to the Barrier Reef Brown tonight, I did manage to stop referring to the new brewery as ‘Rip Tide’… sorry Paul, I’m sure you’ll get just a few more of those..

Meanwhile, Paul & Guy spent much of the evening entertaining questions about their new brewery, beers and plans for the future. They both seemed appreciative and grateful for all the genuine interest in Rip Current.  Looking forward to more Rip Current beers in the near future!

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President’s Message

back in the day…

Happy New Year to all of you.

I hope this year has been treating you well thus far.  Everyone sticking to their new years resolutions?  Make more beer and learn more about the beers you are making?  I hope so.  We have a great resource in QUAFF with a lot of great study groups, brew parties, bjcp events, competitions and in general people sharing their knowledge to further our hobby and the love of beer. So make sure you get involved and enjoy the fruits of QUAFF this year.

We ended last year with some great events.  In the beginning of December on Saturday the 8th we had our annual Holiday party in Marina Village and yet again everything exceeded expectations.  From the decorations and fantastic table arrangements to the beer and amazing array of food choices. Thanks to all of you for your contribution to a great celebration.

On December 15 Societe Brewing Company was nice enough to host a brewer’s swap meet where homebrewers across San Diego county met to trade, sale, or buy brewing equipment.  What a great way to get rid of old/unwanted equipment and acquire something you may have needed for your brewhouse.

Thanks to Jenny and Eric for presenting the awards for the Fall Strong Ale Challenge at November’s meeting. A big thanks to Travis Hammond for his Quaff Competition Committee update as well.

This month’s general meeting topic on January 22nd will be brew systems and gadgets. John McKay will be bringing his system in and telling us about his latest upgrades.  If you have a gadget you think the group would be interested in please bring it in to show the club and explain it’s use.

That’s all for now.  Hope to see you at the next meeting. Cheers!

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Brew with Chris White

Details are coming together for the upcoming “Brew With Chris White” event.  The date is Saturday, Jan 19th, yes, just a week from this coming Saturday.

So far, a total of 5 people with portable brewing systems have indicated that they would like to brew at White Labs during the event.  You know who you are, but I will be contacting you off-list to confirm that you are still interested.

Chris will be brewing on the White Labs system with the WL head brewer, Joe Kurowski.  Actually, I suspect Joe will be doing most of the work, and Chris will be doing what he does best, talking about yeast and fermentation.

The plan is for White Labs to brew an alt beer, a style not yet available in the tasting room.  So, there will be some ground-breaking style exploration going on. The QUAFF members can brew any style they like, so we’ll see what happens with that.

In addition, if there is a QUAFF member who would like to assist in brewing on the WL system, a brewers assistant position is available.  Or a couple of people could take shifts.

The brewing will start at 8 am, at least for Joe, with the QUAFF brewers starting anytime after 8.  The tasting room will open at noon, as usual, so there will be plenty of time to join in the festivities.  Kara said she can arrange for a food truck, or you can bring your own food, so no need to go hungry.

Anyway, hope to see a good turnout at WL on Saturday, Jan. 19th, to cheer on the QUAFF brewing team.


Stan Sisson

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