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Spring is here and the hop rhizomes are starting to show signs of life with green leafs poking through the soil and seeking out the sunshine. The beers are flowing as we venture out to the outdoor patios and festivals of our friends and local businesses enjoying the fruits of the brewers, both at the amauteur and professional level.

Congratulations to winners of AFC. Thanks to Dominic and Eric for presenting the awards to the membership at last month’s general members meeting. A big thanks to everyone that brought beers. There was a great turnout this month on both beers available and people in attendance. How awesome was it that Chris Banker won the AFC BOS and had the winning Double IPA there to celebrate his award with? Epic….

This month we have Paul Sangster from Rip Current Brewing Company telling us about his brewery and delving into some of the processes adopted at the San Marcos brewery and offering his brews for QUAFF to try and enjoy.

Good luck to all that braved the online torture that was signing up for NHC 1st round recently, thanks for your patience to help QUAFF in its attempt at regaining the crown of Homebrew club of the year.

That’s it for now, hope to see you all soon at one of the many local beer spots enjoying your favorite fermented beverage. Cheers!

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