President’s Message – June 2013

In recent events over the last month we had the brewers swap meet at Societe Brewing Company where you could find a 10 gallon corny keg, vintage thermometers, co2 regulators, just about everything for someone looking to add to their brewery. On the same day there was a multi-homebrew club cider tasting at White Labs where multiple brewers using the same base apple juice fermented with various yeast strains supplied by White Labs. This experiment showcased the complexities and versatility of different strains and the different nuances that can be created through yeast selection.

At the May QUAFF general members meeting, Wes McCann’s presentation on European Lagers included a 100 % Vienna malt lager, showcasing the fantastic malt character of vienna malt while talking about the historic significance of European Amber Lagers. Thanks for taking the time to present this beer style Wes. We also got to try Andrew Provost’s Tap H2O VS. RO H20 Irish Red, and Paul Sangster’s Scottish 80. Thanks again for sharing.

The June general members meeting will feature QUAFF’s own Alex Van Horne and Intergalactic Brewing Company, one of San Diego’s newest nano brewery. I got a chance recently to visit his tasting room and found some of his beers to be out of this world, in a good way!

Upcoming events will be NHC in Philly, hopefully all of QUAFFs hard work will pay off in the second round of competition bringing back the title of Homebrew Club of the Year to QUAFF, fingers crossed. Good luck to all the brewers who advanced their brews.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll see you at the general members meeting on June 25th, make sure to get there early for the Summer YuleSmith pin cask as it will go quick. Cheers!

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