President’s Message

Well, another month has flown by and as our days start to get longer we enter our competition
season with AFC this month and 1st round Nationals shortly following getting the club warmed
up for the National Homebrew Conference. Make sure to check with the QUAFF completion
committee if you would like to help the club in the running for National Homebrew Club of the

Our last meeting featured brew systems and gadgets. Thanks to John McKay for bringing in his
brewing system to show off to the club as well as Bob McKay for bringing in his gadgets that
assist in his keg cleaning. Also, thanks to Stan Sisson for bringing in his “party” cider, a great
little experiment where he collected all the dregs from the Belgian-style ales from the QUAFF
holiday party and then fermenting the cider with the mixture of dregs. Stan has done this a
couple of times now and both times has successfully created a tasty cider that is not only quite
enjoyable but also has a great story to go along with it. Thanks to Matt Slote for bringing in a
vintage barleywine to share with the club as well.

Our next general meeting will be the AFC awards. Make sure to bring in your homebrew to
share with us. The meeting will be on February 26th and we will have cask of AleSmith IPA for
your awards watching pleasure. Hope to see all of my QUAFF family there. Cheers!

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