2013 Brew With Chris White Event

Joe with White Labs

Joe talking about his alt bier

The “Brew With Chris White” event at the WL facility on Saturday, Jan. 19th went well.
We had 4 brewers involved, plus the WL head brewer, so 5 beers being brewed

Many thanks to the WL crew for allowing us to brew with them, they were very
accomodating. It was nice being able to chat with Chris White in a relaxed
setting, he is a very down to earth guy.

The brewing started on time at 8 am, and WL was nice enough to open the
tasting room shortly after for us to share donuts and homebrew. A food truck
serving Mexican food showed up around noon and stayed till nearly 4 pm, so
food was readily available.

Tasting Room Time

Tasting Room Time!

When the tasting room got ready to open to the public, we moved all homebrew
to the back of the room. Due to WL’s license restrictions, all alcohol consumption
must occur inside the tasting room.

Chris White seemed happy to have us there, and mentioned that it would be
good to have us brew there in the future, so stay tuned for events at WL
down the road.

Thanks to all who attended for making it a fun day. It would be good if all
the beers brewed during the event could be brought to the Feb or Mar meeting
for sharing.

Mash Time

Mash Time!

Strike Temperature Please!

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