EW’s Keezeracer Build

Hillbilly Brewing, EW Style

So you want a cool kegerator, on the cheap using a Craigslist Special.  However, once you buy your used chest freezer it’s just too ugly to grace your garage?  I had that very same problem.  It started off looking like this:

Ugly, beaten up chest freezer.

However, that’s simply not going to cut it.  So one night not having enough to do I remembered I just happened to have a few rattlecans of Candy Apple Red paint laying around.  Using a random oribtal sander, I scuffed up the exterior and got busy painting around 2am.  When all the best decisions are made.
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Build a corny kegwasher for $80

Do you have a lot of kegs?

Keg being cleaned on a 20min PBW wash cycle.

Do you hate spending hours washing them by hand? 

Then build a kegwasher and automate the dirty side of brewing.  I personally was sick of letting dirty kegs stack up and then spending a day washing them by hand.  My back hurt and I hated brewing (at that moment).  By chance I managed to hit the QUAFF monthly meeting about “Brewing Gadgets”.  Joe Klink brought in his kegwasher and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to build one.  For $80 I was able to purchase what I needed at Home Depot (I already had spare gas/liquid QD’s laying around) and within an hour the washer was functional.
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