QUAFF Discounts

Alesmith Brewing Co.
QUAFF Members: Peter Zien, Skip Virgilio, Anthony Chen, Bill Batten, Bryan Crecely, Ted Newcomb & Todd Fitzsimmons
Discounts: Current QUAFF members receive a 10% discount on Mondays.
Alesmith Brewing Co.
(858) 549 9888

Duck Foot Brewing
QUAFF Member: Brett Goldstock
Discount: 10% Discount for QUAFF Members

Intergalactic Brewing
Intergalactic Brewing Company
(858) 750-0601

Julian CiderWorks
QUAFF Member: Stan Sission
Discount: 10% discount to local homebrew club members, including QUAFF of course.

Karl Strauss Breweries
QUAFF Members: Paul Segura & Sean Albrecht
Discount: QUAFF members receive Happy Hour prices all day with paid membership.
Karl Strauss Breweries
(858) 273-2739

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