San Diego Prosthodontics

San Diego Prosthodontics
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San Diego Prosthodontists Dr. Harold Gulbransen and Dr. Scott Recksiedler specialize in prosthodontics, one of the nine recognized specialties within the American Dental Association [ADA]. Prosthodontists have at least three years of advanced training following their dental school education. Prosthodontists are trained to replace missing teeth, gum tissues and bone in the mouth. SAN DIEGO PROSTHODONTICS is proud to offer the latest techniques in dental implant restoration, complete and partial dentures, and dental crown and bridge fabrication.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a subspecialty of Prosthodontics that involves rehabilitation of patients with defects or disabilities that were present when born or developed due to disease or trauma. Prostheses are often needed to replace missing areas of bone or tissue and restore oral functions such as swallowing, speech, and chewing.  In other cases, prosthetic devices may be devised to position or shield facial structures during radiation therapy.

QUAFF Members: Harold J. Gulbransen D.D.S. & Scott A. Recksidler D.M.D.

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