Welcome to QUAFF

Welcome to QUAFF,

As a member of QUAFF you now have access to a wealth of information through the use of several resources detailed below:

• QUAFF E-mail List:
Feel free to ask any brewing questions you have and you are sure to get several responses from experienced brewers. The mail list is great for spreading information to everyone in a serial fashion. This is probably the best way to announce something and make sure it gets to everyone.

You can set your account up so that you received individual posts (send me everything when it happens) or digest mode (send me all of today’s traffic in one email). With single posts you get more messages but you can sort and respond to them individually. With the digest you get just one a day but it’s all together, making it difficult to respond to a single post or to sort.
We also recommend configuring your email client to filter QUAFF email to go to a particular folder, and/or sort by topic.

• QUAFF website:
Here you will find things like speaker notes from presenters at the meetings, QUAFF newsletters and photos from past events

• QUAFF Forum:
On the QUAFF Forum you will find topics that come up often as well as classifieds. The forum is the best place to store and save discussions. It’s the random access part of the communication.
With the forum you can setup your account to send notifications when a post is made to a particular thread, or to do nothing. You have some control over how much traffic you see.

• Quaff Events Calendar:

Event Calendar

There are many beer events all year round and you can find them on this calendar.

• Competition Calendar:

Upcoming Competitions

If you are interested in entering your beers in competition then please visit this calendar to see upcoming competitions.
Be sure to introduce yourself on the email list. quaff-members@quaff.org Include things like years of brewing experience, brew equipment set up, maybe what you do for a living and anything else you feel like sharing. It will give a chance for the membership to get to know you and welcome you to our club.

Happy Brewing,



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