QUAFF beer evaluations for beginner and intermediate brewers

Harold G and I will be hosting the first of Quaff’s new beer evaluations
for beginner and intermediate brewers starting 6:00pm on August 8th at KnB
Wine Cellars in Del Cerro. (We’ll be in the side room – just ask the people
working in the front if you can’t find us).

If you’re a beginner or intermediate brewer looking for some personal
feedback on your homebrewed beers, meads, or ciders, you can bring them to
KnB and have some experienced judges and brewers give you some feedback and
pointers on how to brew better beer.

These events are geared towards helping newer brewers hone their
recipes/procedures. They are not intended to replace the competition
evaluation events, but if you’d like to bring beers to have evaluated in
that aspect I’m sure we can help too 🙂

It will be a free event, but you will need to bring at least a couple 12 oz
bottles or a single 22 oz bottle for evaluation, preferably chilled and
ready to drink.

If you’re interested in attending, please send me an email OFFLINE to RSVP.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in helping with evaluation, send me an
email (again, offline please) with your name and qualifications. I am
looking to acquire some higher-ranked judges (National or higher) but if
we’re short I will definitely reach out to others.

Quaff Beginner Brewer’s Evaluation
Thursday August 8 at 6:00pm
KnB Wine Cellars
*Free (bring beer to have evaluated)

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Dominic Fountain


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