AFC 2014 Results

America’s Finest City Home Brew Competition 2014 Winners

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Category 1: Light Lager    
Gold: Robert Masterson, Quaff Dortmunder Export First Dortmunder
Silver: Casey Lobring Munich Helles Helles
Bronze: Adam Meyers, Brewing Network Munich Helles Munic Helles
Category 2: Pilsner    
Gold: Kevin Fleming Bohemian Pilsner Mo Bo Pilz
Silver: Paul Mesmer, Quaff German Pilsner (Pils) Paul’s Pils 1213
Bronze: Keith & Pam Bradley, Texas Carboys Bohemian Pilsner Double D Pils
Category 3: European Amber Lager    
Gold: Keith & Pam Bradley, Texas Carboys Vienna Lager Pam’s Vienna
Silver: Casey Lobring Oktoberfest/Marzen Oktoberfest
Bronze: Brian Trout, Quaff Oktoberfest/Marzen Dial M for Marzen

Darkside Lager

Category 4: Dark Lager    
Gold: Casey Lobring Munich Dunkel Munich Dunkel
Silver: Mike Neith Munich Dunkel Lola Montez
Bronze: Jonathan Kissinger, Worts of Wisdom Dark American Lager
Category 5: Bock    
Gold: Brian Trout, Quaff Doppelbock Instigator
Silver: Matt Reimers, Quaff Maibock/Helles Bock Maibock
Bronze: Kevin Fleming & Kaleb Maibock/Helles Bock Helles Bock
HM: Keith & Pam Bradley, Texas Carboys Doppelbock Salivator
Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer    
Gold: Robert Carter, Society of Barley Engineers Cream Ale J & L’s Cream Ale
Silver: Jim Rainville, Brewing Network Kolsch Lawn Mower Kolsch
Bronze: James Gurdison, SNAFU Kolsch Sabotage
HM: David Austin Am. Wheat or Rye Snookie Rye
Category 7: Amber Hybrid Beer    
Gold: Brian Trout, Quaff California Common Birthday Party, USA III
Silver: Carl Townsend, Pacific Gravity California Common Earthquakes are Common
Bronze: Jeff Bukey & Mike Nagy, TVHA California Common Cali Common
Category 8: English Pale Ale    
Gold: Jim McCaskey, Quaff Extra Special Bitter MacDaddy Dog Ale
Silver: Eric Shelley Extra Special Bitter E.S.Beatle Juice
Bronze: Brad Jefferies, Society of Barley Engineers Standard Bitter Marc’s Bitter
Category 9: Scottish and Irish Ale    
Gold: Peter Perrecone, Quaff Strong Scotch Ale Angry Scotty
Silver: Doug Pominville, Homebrew Mart Strong Scotch Ale The Old Bobby Matthews
Bronze: Kevin Margulieux, Brewluminati Irish Red Ale Irish Red 2.0
Category 10: American Pale Ale (10A only)    
Gold: Eric Shelley & Redbeard American Pale Ale Morning After Pint
Silver: Kelsey McNair, Quaff American Pale Ale Panoramic Pale Ale
Bronze: Doug Pominville, Homebrew Mart American Pale Ale Noinurg Pale Ale
Category 11: English Brown Ale    
Gold: Christian Banker, Quaff Mild English Dark Mild
Silver: Danny Kunimura N. English Brown Northern English Brown
Bronze: Brett Gent N. English Brown English Brown
Category 12: Porter    
Gold: Todd Higginson, Quaff Baltic Porter Balticker
Silver: Chris Everet, Quaff Brown Porter Braiden’s Brown
Bronze: Christopher Lewis, Quaff Robust Porter They Call Me Porter
Category 13: Stout (13ABCD only)    
Gold: Steve Bailey & David Krawzsenek, Quaff Foreign Extra Stout Foreigner Stout
Silver: Shaun T. Morgan Oatmeal Stout Oats McGoats
Bronze: Michael Marino, Brewing Network Sweet Stout 9 Fingers Cream Stout
Category 14: IPA (14A&B only)    
Gold: Kelsey McNair, Quaff American IPA India Pale Ale
Silver: Todd Slater, Thousand Oaked American IPA Moscoe IPA
Bronze: Eric Shelley American IPA Bart’s Bully
Category 15: German Wheat and Rye    
Gold: Bob Mac Kay, Quaff Roggenbier Roggenbier
Silver: Chris Stawney, Quaff Weizen/Weissbier Hooky Day Hefeweizen
Bronze: Frank Mays, TVHA Weizenbock Weizenbock
Category 16: Belgian and French Ale    
Gold: Brian Trout, Quaff Saison Saison De L’Artisan Chambre
Silver: Mark Herman & John Lindstrom Saison Saison De Poway
Bronze: Jonathan Shufelt, Quaff Belgian Specialty Pucker
Category 17: Sour Ale    
Gold: Peter Perrecone, Quaff Fruit Lambic Ruten Tuten Raspberry
Silver: Juli Goldenberg & Dave Crane, Quaffv

Berliner Weisse Weisse Up
Bronze: Michael Patterson, Pacific Gravity Flanders Red Ale Flanders Red
Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale    
Gold: Mark Trent, MASH 831 Belgian Blond Une
Silver: Kevin Margulieux, Brewluminati Belgian Dark Strong Dark Bark 12
Bronze: Wittaker Mathot Belgian Dark Strong Mathot 10
Category 19: Strong Ale    
Gold: Brian Trout, Quaff Old Ale Ye Olde Dirty Bastard
Silver: Jonathan Shufelt, Quaff American Barleywine Barely
Bronze: Peter Perrecone, Quaff English Barleywine Purple Lobster
Category 20: Fruit Beer    
Gold: Robert Carter, Society of Barley Engineers Fruit Beer Razz-Ma-Tazz
Silver: Nicholas & Doug Wilson Fruit Beer Boysenberry Saison
Bronze: Patrick Colchin, Quaff Fruit Beer Sunset Cliffs Lager
Category 21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer    
Gold: Robert Hemphill, Brew Bros. Pikes Peak Spice/Herb/Vegetable Chips & Salsa Cerveze
Silver: Eric Holden, TVHA Spice/Herb/Vegetable Dagon Rises!
Bronze: Shaun T. Morgan Spice/Herb/Vegetable Ol’ Dirty Chai
Category 22: Smoke-Flavored and Wood-Aged Beer    
Gold: Matt Allison Wood-Aged Beer XXX 30th Anniversary
Silver: Doug Pominville, Homebrew Mart Wood-Aged Beer Caufield’s Redemption
Bronze: Brett Goldstock, Quaff Wood-Aged Beer The Mad Monk
Category 23: Specialty Beer    
Gold: Tim Wang, Brewing Network Specialty Beer Peanut Butter Porter
Silver: Mary Erausquin Specialty Beer Hawaiian Hot Pants
Bronze: Doug Pominville, Homebrew Mart Specialty Beer Simtrarillo Rye
Category 24: Traditional Mead    
Gold: John Knott Semi-Sweet Mead Tupelo Mead
Silver: Eric Holden, TVHA Sweet Mead Lovecraftian Liquor
Bronze: Eric Holden, TVHA Dry Mead The Colour Out Of Space
Category 25: Melomel (Fruit Mead)    
Gold: Bob Mac Kay, Quaff Cyser Cyser
Silver: Earl Itrich, Quaff Other Fruit Melomel The Spinster
Bronze: Eric Holden, TVHA Cyser Azathoth
HM: Earl Itrich, Quaff Pyment The Whiner
Category 26: Other Mead    
Gold: Bob Mac Kay, Quaff Open Category Mead Spiced Cyser
Silver: Bob Mac Kay, Quaff Metheglin Chamomile Metheglin
Bronze: Sean Cole, Quaff Open Category Mead WildeBerry Bewilderment
Category 27: Standard Cider and Perry    
Gold: Enrique Piceno, Long Beach Homebrewers Common Cider 1st Try Cider
Silver: Brian Trout, Quaff Common Cider Happy New Year 2012
Bronze: David Austin Common Cider Xmas Cider
Category 28: Specialty Cider and Perry    
Gold: Anthony Chen & Phyllis Xu, Quaff Other Cider or Perry Greek Fire Cider
Silver: John Rowley, Sangre de Cristo Craft Brewers Other Cider or Perry The Franco-American
Bronze: Manny Ortiz, Quaff Fruit Cider Tart Cherry Cider
Category 29: American Amber and Brown Ale (10B&C)    
Gold: Ryan Trim, Quaff American Brown Ale Bellicose Brown
Silver: Danny Kunimura American Amber Ale American Amber
Bronze: Brett Gent American Brown Ale Brown Ale
Category 30: American and Imperial Stout (13E&F)    
Gold: Scott Czaplicki American Stout Scott C’s American Stout
Silver: Steve Bailey & David Krawzsenek, Quaff American Stout It’s Stout
Bronze: Toby Kingsley, Pacific Gravity Imperial Stout Sled Dog
Category 31: Imperial IPA (14C)    
Gold: Eric Shelley Imperial IPA Hop Mess
Silver: Scott Czaplicki Imperial IPA Scott C’s Imperial IPA
Bronze: Miles McLennan Imperial IPA DL DIPA
Best of Show: Beer    
Peter Perrecone, Quaff Fruit Lambic Ruten Tuten Raspberry
Best of Show: Mead and Cider    
Bob Mac Kay, Quaff Cyser Cyser
Brewing Machine:    
Brian Trout, Quaff

4 Gold

1 Silver
1 Bronze


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