President: Larry Stein president@quaff.org
Vice President: Dominic Fountain vp@quaff.org
Treasurer / President Emeritus: Chuck West treasurer@quaff.org
IT Guy: Eric DuRose admin@quaff.org
IT Guy: Joaquin Quiroz admin@quaff.org
Social Media / IT: Jered Greenwald socialmedia@quaff.org
Membership: Josh Stone josh@quaff.org
Competitions: Jenny DuRose competitions@quaff.org
Newsletter Editor: Andy Sammons newsletter@quaff.org
Newsletter Editor: Andra Fromme andra@quaff.org
Events & Keg Coordinator: Mike Sangiorgi mike@quaff.org
Keg Coordinator and Quaff Merchandise: Jonathan Wise jwise@quaff.org
Bar Czar: Wes McCann wes@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Brian Trout brian@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Jim Akin jim@quaff.org
Member-at-large: MaryAnne Bixby ma@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Horace Bixby horace@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Linda MacKay linda@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Earl Itrich earl@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Chad Zuvaruvi chad@quaff.org
Member-at-large: Stan Sisson
President Emeritus: Bob MacKay bob@quaff.org
President Emeritus: Harold Gulbransen harold@quaff.org
President Emeritus: Bill Batten bill@quaff.org
President Emeritus: Greg Lorton

QUAFF BJCP Group Coordinators
Exams: Travis Hammond travis@quaff.org

Continuing Education
Central SD: Kim Sparrow kim@quaff.org
North County: Dennis Daley and Mike Habrat bjcpnorth@gmail.com


** please contact the newsletter editor if any changes of additions are needed to the information posted here**

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